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This is a new tool in the battle against the SHB (Small Hive Beetle).  Used properly, and in conjunction with a tight hive, you will have hives nearly beetle free!

The Beetle Blocker does just as it's named, it "Blocks" beetles from entering through the front entrance of the hive.

The Beetle Blocker is placed on top of a standard 10, 8, or 5 frame bottom board with the dark side facing down, then the first brood box is placed on top of it.

SHBs cannot navigate the metal or the holes to get inside, a very small number (if any) may possibly fly up through the hole (very rare) so it is recommended to still use some form of traps in the hive to catch any that fly in this way, or during inspections.  More will fly in during inspections than will ever fly up through the holes.

Any upper ventilation holes should have window screen placed over them to prevent SHB entry at these points and any gaps between boxes should be taped, or have the boxes replaced.